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North Adelaide Football Club

In this series, we have looked at examples of Evolve College’s students’ participation in and support of community events, looking at Tennis Australia in Melbourne, and a Silverdome Netball and Speed Bicycling event in Launceston.

This week, we turn to Adelaide and the support that the Evolve College student team has been offering to the North Adelaide Football Club.

The North Adelaide Football Club is part of the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). The football players greatly appreciate receiving massage as part of their training, preparation for matches and of course to help them recover and stay right on top of things after games as well. Massage is an important part of their training and the Club highly values and promotes massage for this purpose.

Evolve College loves being part of the Club and our students have gained an enormous amount from the exposure to working at this level. Students have worked under the direct supervision of an Evolve College trainer and also under supervision of the Club’s head trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, learning much in doing so.

The experience helps boost students’ confidence and offers an enormous amount to the players and club as well.

Two of our students are now in a paid position as Remedial Massage Therapists at the Club. They were employed at the end of last year after doing such a great job as volunteers under the Evolve program. They share the role and between them work on training nights as well as on game days.

Each year (and we are in our second year with the club now) a dedicated team of Evolve students attends the Club once every single week to massage players for a couple of hours. The dedication and quality they demonstrate over the pre-season and season sessions, is noticed, and appreciated by all.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all Evolve students who have brought so much to the North Adelaide Football Club, just as our students have done to other sporting clubs and many other community events, right around Australia.

Evolve College is very committed to community events and we have teams supporting community events of all descriptions in locations across Australia. We see this as a vital part of our students’ development, and they get to massage at a level that many massage therapists may only dream about – and all this is before they have even finished their study.

It helps them develop their skills as well as gaining in confidence and realising the wonderful benefit and service they are offering through their study of massage with Evolve College.

We continue our commitment to community events and shall share more examples of these with you from time to time.