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14 Remedial Massage

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Remedial Massage consolidates the information gathering, decision making, and plan development first presented in previous subjects. This subject is studied over 3 modules which for on campus students is 3 weekend/weekday classes. The focus of the 3 Remedial Massage modules is on therapeutic techniques to comprehensively prepare you for this important part of your practice.

Adapt remedial massage practice to meet specific needs
Monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments

At this point, students will be advanced enough to make practical use of all the skills developed in prior subjects. It can be considered the integration part of the course in which the professional skill comes together with the technical skills in the therapeutic relationship. Students will be able to provide specialised remedial massage treatment for specific client groups. Common conditions/disease states in accordance with the age, gender and mental health needs of the client are examined. Students will also gain an understanding of what is required when providing services to people with a chronic health problem.

Summary of Content

  • Client Review
  • Physical Assessment
  • Interpretation & Analysis of Assessment Information
  • Clinical Reasoning & Problem Solving
  • Development of a Care/Treatment Plan
  • Remedial Massage Routines
    - Interscapular Massage
    - Prone & Supine Neck Massage
    - Lower Back Massage
    - Prone & Supine Shoulder Massage
    - Arm Massage
    - Prone & Supine Leg Massage
  • Manage Specialised Remedial Massage Treatment
  • Specialised Remedial Massage Treatment Children, Adolescents and Women
  • Chronic Diseases and Conditions
  • Impact of Chronic Diseases or Conditions on Client and Family
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Subject details

Subject 13: Sports Massage
Certificate Awarded
Subject 14: Diploma of Remedial Massage

Student comments

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    "If you think you can commit to doing the course to the best of your ability, then do it – life is too short to have too many regrets."

    Thuc Le Tat